1948  Board of trustees considers holding Health and Physical Education classes at the university with the launch of universities organised under the new educational system

1949  Health and Physical Education classes began to be offered.
  The Physical Education Committee established
  Affiliated with the Educational Affairs Department in the Mita Jukukankyoku

1950  Health and Physical Education classes began to be held at Hiyoshi campus
  Laboratory located in a Quonset hut, which was a US Army facility, at Hiyoshi (near the current Cafeteria Building)

1957  Relocation to the administrative building (former Fujiwara Institute of Technology building) upon the completion of the Fourth Building

1958  Completion of Hiyoshi Commemorative Hall

1959  Completion of Hiyoshi Gymnasium

1960  Completion to Hiyoshi Pool

1961  The Institute of Physical Education established.

1965  Gender-segregated practical physical education classes were held

1968  Establishment of the Basic Physical Strength Laboratory

1975  Completion of the Institute of Physical Education building.

1993  Health and physical education classes were extensively revised in conjunction with the curriculum revision upon the outlining of the Standards for the Establishment of Universities
  Student evaluation of teaching began to be offered

1994  Contents of the Institute’s activities were categorized into three pillars (education, research, and service) and expanded to new activities.
  Research: Conducting research projects that focus on enhancing Keio students’ physical strength levels
  Service: Holding sporting events for Keio students (basketball competitions and football competitions); Still ongoing.

1995  Physical Education classes commenced at the Tsunamachi Field in Mita
  Fitness classes commenced for faculty staff members (Still ongoing)
  Training room and exercise studio was open for use outside of class hours (Still ongoing)

1997  Procurement of physical exercise analysis devices with the help of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture’s Private School Facility Development Expense Subsidy.

1998  Symposium “Campus Life and Sport” was held (annually held until the present)

1999  Public seminar “Sport and Fitness” on the topic of open universities and contributing to the community was first held. (Still ongoing)

2000  Issuance of the “Report on Project Research by the Institute of Physical Education 2020”

2004  Revision of the Curriculum for Health and Physical Education classes.

2005  Japan–Korea Sports Exchange Symposium was held

2006  Relocation (into Fujiyama Memorial Hall) in conjunction with construction of Collaboration Complex (Kyosei-kan).

2008  Completion of the new building of the Institute of Physical Education (Sports Complex)

2008  Forum commemorating the completion of the new building was held

2011  Symposium commemorating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of Physical Education was held

2011  Physical education classes commenced on Shiba-Kyoritsu campus

      Keio University–Yomiuri Shimbun public seminars commenced

2013  Launch of “Basic Research Project”.

2016  Launch of “KEIO 2020 Project”.

2019  70th Conference of the Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences was held at Keio University Hiyoshi campus.

2020  Launch of “Let’s Move Our Bodies at Home Project”.”