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Core topic 1: How physical education programmes should be taught as FD practice

Part 1: “Developing a physical education programme that contributes to improving self-efficacy and social skills”
Part 2: “Do teachers in university physical education contribute to students’ internal motivation for exercise and sport? : evaluating the motivational climate n university physical education”

Core topic 2: Student sporting behaviour and sport in universities

“A survey on mouthguard use among the Keio University Athletics Club members”
Ethical approval for this study was granted by the Ethical Committee of Keio University.

Participant Information Sheet (in Japanese)[PDF]

Core topic 3: Educational philosophy and curriculum development of physical education in universities

“Understanding current educational problems of physical education in universities and seeking a comprehensive solution for the issues at Keio University.

2008 Project Research

(1)Collaboration with integrated school for education.

By cllaborationg with an integrated education school,we examine the influence of the integrated education system on physical fitness and health and we review the system of Keio University physical education ,through fundamental data collection and common sports test.

(2)Evaluation of the form and exercise function of Keio university students.

The institute of physical education conducts its own more specialized evaluation for students about the form and exercise function.The projects「The way to a Nice body」that we are continuously doing since 2005 has belong to this theme.

「Hiyoshi Rsearch Portfolio 2006 the poster which was posted」(PDF)

(3)Research for technological improvement

Evaluate forms and swing apeed using various devices such as video, and develop a scientific support system to improve exercise skills of students and members of sports coucil.

「Hiyoshi Rsearch Portfolio 2006 the poster which was posted」(PDF)

(4)Humanities ,social scientific research on 「Physical education /sports」

Physical research on physical education and sports from a systematic approach such as physical education principles , physical education hisotory,physical education sociology,physical education psychology and phisical education hisotory

(5)Sports projects of Cooperation between industry and academia

「Sports competition support organaization 」and 「Sports related activities」 is led by the students for the purpsoe of the sports promotion that spread among the areas and acquistion of the sports lover and discovery and activation of the economy.

「Hiyoshi Rsearch Portfolio 2006 the poster which was posted」(PDF)