【KEIO2020project】Articles have been published in the Yokohama Kohoku public relations magazines

KEIO2020project is pleased to announce that we have been given the opportunity to write a series of articles entitled “The British National Team is coming to Kohoku-Ku!” in the Kohoku-Ku edition of Public Relations Yokohama.

The articles are designed to bring the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games closer to residents of Kohoku-Ku, providing information from the perspective of students.

The August 2021 edition will be the tenth time we have published this, so please visit the previous editions below!

Website:Yokohama City

Issues:(1) August 2019, (2) September 2019, (3) October 2019, (4) November 2019, (5) December 2019, (6) January 2020, (7) March 2020, (8) April 2020, (9) July 2021, (10) August 2021